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  • Cleaners/Maintenance
    March 3, 2021 at 6:00 PM

    Local company that specifically hires and works well with people with disabilities!!

    24 hour per week position open at UB South. Three days a week. The hours are overnight…. 11:30pm-8am and the payrate is $18.90 an hour. Basic cleaning of restrooms, classrooms, conference rooms etc.

    2 openings at the Bridges in Niagara Falls. Both day shifts, 7:30am-4pm. One is a fulltime/40 hours a week and the other is a 32 hour position. The payrate is $17.34 an hour. Again basic cleaning of restrooms, locker rooms, outside booths, break areas etc.

    Part time 7am-11am, Monday-Friday position in Amherst at the Children’s Psych. Center. The payrate is $18.90 an hour.

    All these positions come with vacation/sick time.

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