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Employment Consultant Andrea Todaro is one of Western New York’s most successful job developers. With over twenty years of professional job placement experience, Ms. Todaro has demonstrated a unique talent for matching her clients to the hiring requirements of the many area employers and human resource professionals she has served.

To date, over 3,000 clients and employers representing a wide range of occupations and industries have benefited from her expertise. Ms. Todaro has formerly served on several board member roles for the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association including Workforce Readiness Director, Diversity and Inclusion Director and Membership Director. She is also a member of The Society for Human Resources Management, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, The Western New York Employment Consortium, The Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives, and ExecuNet.

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No matter the task, we’re dedicated to finding solutions that work for everyone while attaining results. Here are the views of other job seekers we’ve had the privilege to serve:

"I greatly enjoyed working with Ms. Andrea Todaro this past year as I searched for new employment. I cannot be more grateful for her hard work and determination throughout this process. From the first time I met Andrea, I knew we were going to work well together due to her upbeat personality and positivity. Her ideas included reviewing and editing my resume and cover letter, which made me look more professional, writing me an excellent letter of recommendation, and allowing me to use her as a reference. I added that letter of recommendation to every interview I went on, and the feedback I got from the interviewers regarding the the letter was outstanding.

Also, Andrea completed a mass resume distribution sending my resume to over 1,000 employers, which provided me with so many opportunities to interview with different agencies. Furthermore, Andrea set me up with an interview coach that I worked with several times who prepared me successfully for my interviews. Andrea followed up throughout every interview and became a personal and professional reference for me. She was always willing to come up with new ideas to help me be successful or even go back and review previous ones. We communicated at least a couple times a week, which made this process very helpful.

I am happy to say I am now working in a job that I enjoy and have a passion for very much, working as a Mental Health Disabilities Coordinator for Head Start. I will continue to work with Andrea for the upcoming 90 days to ensure everything with this job continues to run smoothly. I am genuinely thankful for all the help and support that Ms. Andrea Todaro provided for me throughout this process." Theresa, October 2020

"Working with Andrea has been amazing. When we first starting working together, I was a recent college graduate and didn’t have much experience. However, that was not a challenge for Andrea. She went above and beyond with helping me find a job that I would enjoy and that would give me the experience to move up within a company. She helped me with my interviewing skills and gave me the confidence to do well during an interview. The entire process was very quick. I had been looking for a new job before meeting with Andrea and was not getting any call backs for interviews. After editing my resume, I had a call for an interview within a week! I currently have a new job as a Human Resources/Administrative Assistant. All of the goals that we set were achieved . Andrea is so warm hearted and caring and really made me feel like a priority. I would 10/10 recommend working with her." Lavette, July, 2020

"After graduating with my Chemical Dependency degree, I was directed to the services of Innovative Placements. I honestly did not think that there would be a lot of opportunities in my field of choice. Once Andrea Todaro contacted me, we went right to work. She guided me in making my resume professional and the etiquette of the interview process. I had so many responses and immediately found the job I been working hard for!" Penny, July 2020

"When I got to Andrea, what was once a confident and professional woman had been turned into a person with deep self-doubt. This is what a full year of rejection does to the psychology of a person. Andrea has breathed life back into me and has inflated my confidence again and has helped me to see the person I once was. I’m very confident that I am not the only person she has accomplished this task with.

Professionally, she sent out my resume and I scheduled six interviews in one week! That is amazing! I could not have done that without her. Yes it is my job to go on the interviews and sell myself but she got me in the door. Her interview coach has been wonderful and patient with me and has given me great guidance on how to answer difficult questions pertaining directly to my circumstances. Andrea has taken my calls during the day and even late at night and on weekends she is always available. She formatted several different versions of my resume and has assisted me with online applications. I am sure that leaving out many tasks she has dedicated her time to in order for me to employment. I know as an ex teacher, there is much that is done behind the scenes that most don't see.

Andrea has a zeal for this business and for the people she works with. Not to mention, she’s just simply very good at her job. I went a full year and on dozens of interviews and applied to hundreds of positions on my own with no success. I have been working with Andrea for just three months and I have a job! She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a job. Nichole, May 2020"

"I'm so pleased to have been assigned to Innovative Placements. The innovation Ms. Todaro brings to her clients is the deep relationships she has cultivated with Buffalo's non-profit organizations, small businesses and community advocates. Through one such connection, I received a temporary job offer which quickly morphed into a newly-created permanent job. I am deeply grateful Ms Todaro invested so much time getting to know me so she could figure out what job would be a good fit. Empowering economically disadvantaged people in Buffalo is my dream job. Thank you Andrea!" Kylie, Feb. 2019

"The entire process of working with Andrea Todaro was extremely pleasant and seamless. She gave me the right tools each step of the way to help me find exactly the right job and ensured that I excelled at every turn. She helped me a lot with cover letter and resume creation and formatting including understanding what should and should not be on a professional resume. She got me in touch with an interview coach, through whom I learned the right way to handle an interview and what kind of questions I should ask/be prepared for.

Andrea submited my resume to MANY different employers and helped make my life easier by letting me focus solely on improvement in the interview process. She very quickly responds to all my inquiries, often within minutes, giving me continual guidance and direction. She always encourages me to be proactive and prepare for things ahead of time, even now that I hold a job directly as a result of her huge amount of guidance and help. Due to this, I have become more confident and know that I can always use her as a resource if I need help with the changing aspects of my job. My current position is all I could ever hope for and doesn't even feel like a job. Working as a Youth Development Professional (YDP) with the Boys and Girls club, I have a positive work relationship with my coworkers and supervisor and every day (regardless of how it turns out) feels rewarding and fun." Umar, March 2019

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